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As a voice teacher, my mission has always been to develop the whole person via their passion for music and singing.

Voice lessons are not only for learning how to sing most efficiently and healthily but also for exploring how to truly communicate beyond the musical notation and text.

And as an added bonus, singing is incredibly healthy for the mind and body!

For more information about Voice Lessons,

contact Diana via the Contact page on this website or visit

Koran Pyles.jpg

Koran Pyles,
High School Voice Student
(current voice student)

"Working with Dr. Diana has been nothing less than spectacular. Every time we meet she’s happy and ready to work. She’s never made me feel uncomfortable in our meetings, this makes it easier to give her my all. Dr. Diana always makes sure to give me tips according to how I understand things and how I work best. Her techniques and teachings aren’t simply things she’s found, they’re things she practices. While watching her perform, you can see her using the tips and techniques she’s suggested I use. Based on her endless supportive words, my newfound ability to sing more freely, and praises from others, I can truly hear and feel an improvement in my voice."

Katie Schumacher.jpg

Katie Schumacher,
Music Teacher and Chorus Director
Daves Creek Elementary
(former UGA voice student)

"Diana Thompson-Brewer is one of the most kind-hearted, talented, and determined people that I know. I had the immense pleasure of being a vocal student of hers for 3 years, and I can confidently say that her direction and enthusiasm pushed me and my voice to progress farther than I could have ever imagined. Not only does Diana produce quality work and dispense a weather of knowledge, but she does it all with heart. As I have progressed into my teaching career, I have taken with me all of the lessons she taught me about singing, performing, teaching, and being a hard worker. I am always in awe of Diana's hard work and talent. I can confidently say that she not only touched my voice, but also my heart and my life."

Lauren Gornto.jpg

Lauren Gornto,
Analyst at Insight Sourcing Group
(former private voice student)

"I attribute much of my personal vocal growth to Díana Thompson. I began working with Díana when I was in high school. Here, she helped me to develop a strong and healthy foundation voice that I was able to continue to develop throughout college with her help.

Over my years of working with Díana, I was exposed to a variety of languages and styles that challenged me and helped me to grow as a singer and performer. Díana is detail-oriented and helps her students to make small changes that make all the difference on stage or in a performance.

One of my favorite things about Díana is that, in addition to being a teacher, she is also a performer. As a young artist, it is so helpful to be coached by someone who has current industry experience. I always felt as if I was receiving the most relevant coaching, tips, and tricks for auditions and performances. Díana integrates music theory and performance coaching into her voice lessons, helping her students to become smart musicians that can effectively convey stories and characters on stage.

Above all these things, Díana deeply and genuinely cares for her students. She always goes above and beyond to prepare for her students and seeks to meet students where they are at on their own vocal journey. Whether students want to become professional artists themselves or just sing weekly in their church choir, Díana can provide the custom coaching that they need to achieve their goals!"


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